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The Home's mission is to provide the highest quality of life, as well as quality of care.


Malvern House assures its Service Users individual care with respect to their privacy, dignity, safety and security.

The Home encourages and assists its Service Users in maintaining a high quality of life with respect for their individuality, independence, confidentiality and privacy. By providing twenty-four hour care, the Home strives to encourage its Service Users to fulfil their emotional and social needs.


Malvern House prides itself in its ability to safeguard its Service Users from discrimination on any grounds, whether it is age, sex, disability, language, race or religion.


Above all, we aim to provide a quality service of a consistent standard that is appropriate and responsive to the individual's needs in an efficient and effective manner.


We acknowledge the importance of respecting each Service User's uniqueness and their personal needs. Staff are expected to treat everybody within the Home with respect. We actively seek to help our Service Users lead dignified lives.